Ayurveda Massage


Ayurveda is a system of traditional Indian medicine, which is used as a complementary holistic therapy, designed to work alongside, rather than replace, mainstream medicinal practices.  Ayurvedic treatments concentrate on the realigning of chakras and qi within the body to promote equilibrium and restore symmetry.


Jenny has been trained in India by registered Ayurvedic doctors.  All oils and products used in the Ayurvedic massages are completely natural and are bought in India from the Ayurveda pharmacy at the clinic where Jenny trained


Head Massage - Medicated oil massaged over head, neck and shoulders. Good for sleeplessness, relaxation, headaches and tension (15 minutes)


Full Body Massage (Abityanga) - Herbal oil massaged all over the body. Good for relaxation, arthritis and circulation (1 hour)


Shirodhara - A special ayurvedic treatment in which medicated oil is poured onto the forehead and head continuously. Good for relaxation and memory (45 minutes)


Face Massage - Can relieve headaches, tension and sinuses. Improves concentration and helps insomnia (15 minutes)


Legs & Feet - Massaged with herbal oils taking the tiredness out of yours feet and legs (15 minutes)


Back - Herbal oil is massaged over the back - relieving tension and leaving you feel relaxed and rested (25 minutes)


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